Pitchcom was created by partners Daniela Penna and Isadora Leone in 2011. The agency initially focused on serving latent demand from startups and SMEs that know communication is an extremely powerful tool, but do not have unlimited budgets at their disposal. This was a niche with significant growth potential.

We believed (and still believe) that even with a more restricted scope, we could still build out a well-structured, creative and intelligent strategies producing standout results for our clients. With each passing year we have increased our revenues and customer base as we grow hand in hand with our clients. And everyone working with us has grown as well. Our watchwords are quality, sharing and collaborating with great people who know where they are going and want to be part of something bigger.

Call us dreamers, but we want to change the world, reach out to people and make a difference! Here, it makes no difference if you are an SME or a multinational enterprise. If you’re the youngest sibling or the leader of the pack. Everyone gets the same level of attention.

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Daniela Penna
Daniela Penna
Daniela Penna
Isadora Leone
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Carolina Cardoso
Carolina Cardoso
Paula Araujo
Paula Araujo
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The future belongs to the curious. Those who are unafraid to make an effort and to ask questions. The world is increasingly diverse and we need to take a hard look at our principles and paradigms.
The same can be said of Communication. 24X7 technology has changed the way we relate to one another and instead of everything being “face-to-face”, social and digital communications now set the rules.

However, we still think about the duality between the multiplicity of channels and the speed of information v. human relations. It is out of this need to stay up-to-date while maintaining a personal touch that Pitchcom was born, with a different way of doing good PR X good customer relations. Because we were tired of communication agencies using run-of-the-mill business models, that promised a lot but delivered little and often made the communication experience negative and frustrating. We customize, we like to give things a poke and we take great care of each and every detail. Because the client is not just a number. Or a company. And communication is not just a means of exchanging information, building a business or increasing revenues; it is also about telling stories, developing people, sharing ideas and building legacies.



Do you want to promote something cool in the media or position yourself in an increasingly competitive market? Here, we think, rethink and produce strategies that are ready to put in play and achieve exactly what you want.


Worried about how to give an interview, organize a speech or approach the media? Relax! We can help you and make everything as smooth as possible.


Has something gone wrong? Tell us what happened, and we will help you through it, with your head held high and come out the other side with an even stronger reputation for your company.


Do you want to show your client yours is the best solution for their problem? We know how to write what your client wants to hear and help you reach out to the right people and attract the clicks you need!


This is what we love. None of the other services we give works without a well-structured content that reflects exactly who you are. We bring the same excitement and quality to everything we produce, whether it is for traditional media, social media, corporate publications or video scripts.


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